Friday, November 7, 2008

Wet n' Wild & White Rain::: {for sarah & coco}

Perhaps it is seasonal. When I walked to black bird last night I felt a sense of loss. There are a lot of CLOSED FOR BUSINESS signs in our neighborhood. Never enough hours in the day it seems. Then I walked past a funeral where people seemed happy to be in each others presence. That reminded me that in the village of Milwaukee it's really easy to see the bigger picture even if you don't want to. I ran into Jon, Davey, Chris from the barber shop- someone on every block. The bar was bangin' early and I remembered that I really do like living here. Hello darkness. Goodbye warm.

"You have no power over me"

This weekend we will dance like it is May Day in November. Try to remember that even though Christmas music is being piped through the speakers there is time and space to take a breath and wait for the snow to fall.

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