Friday, November 21, 2008

it simply was

Good eats here in Atlanta. BBQ tofu tacos at El Myr, cinnamon toast and grits at the Majestic. My birthday dinner was at Top Flr ending with a pumpkin pound cake with maple ice cream and the synchronous timing of Just Like Honey playing in the background. I love when you can get good food late at night, eating out in other cities makes me bitter about Milwaukee's dining options.

Nathan got me a copy of I Was Just Leaving: The Artwork of Richard Colman a book I've been drooling over for a long while. Beautiful creepy people barfing rainbows with things happening inside dresses and on top of tripped and tricked out mountain tops and mansions. There is a review of it here & on his site you can buy a special "dirty" edition of the book, which if I was rich I would.

a driver at the Atlanta airport

Tinlark Gallery posted photos on their blog of the Gathered Together opening last Saturday. There is funny photo of Jill Bliss and I gawking at her work- I was trying to figure out what piece to buy. Thankfully, I did.

p.s. that is me making that goofy kid face below


extravagantaudio said...

Tell Jill that Michael Seidel says hi (even though I suspect that you're not currently hanging together?)! I miss Miss Bliss.

Sweet Tooth Crafts said...

that's so weird - about 8 years ago in Durham, North Carolina, I started a pretend all-girl jug band for "generously endowed" women such as myself, called Juggz - exactly spelled that way. Of course it never went anywhere, it was just a girl posse name and something to start rumors about. but I wish I knew what that tagger meant...