Friday, November 7, 2008

one end to hold forever

The Norns
Long years ago while eagles shrieked
And rain streamed down from the Hills of Heaven,
Helgi the warrior, the high-minded hero,
Borghild's son, was born in Bralund.
The Norns came to the house that night,
Those who would fashion the prince's fate;
Great fame, they said, would mark his future,
He would be called the best of kings.
Then they wound the threads of fate,
In Braland's castle where the hero was born
Gathered the strands into a golden rope,
And made it fast in the moon's high hall.
East and west they hid the ends;
The prince's lands lay in between.
Neri's sister went to the north
And fastened one end to hold forever.

{thank you cris for the hands}

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