Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doug & Debbie:::

This song is meant to listen to, not to watch. Actually it's much better if you just download the recording. Bruce Springsteen covering Suicide's "Dream Baby Dream".

i love this found form of devotion

I am finding myself wishing I could eat at my mom's for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Last year was pretty epic. Maybe being 31 makes you want to be closer to home?

Mom & turkey
Cheese from their dairy
family thanksgiving

I was amazed when I read this quote from Another Roadside Attraction on the airplane last week. It basically sums up the land near my mom's farm so very perfectly. In the book the main characters are pretty much living down the road from her house.

Bow, WA

"A sketchy panorama where objects, both organic and inorganic, lack well-defined edges and tend to melt together in a silver-green blur."

San Juan Islands

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