Monday, November 10, 2008

waiting on down under

Waiting on a phone call from Australia, any second now- cross your fingers for me. If all goes well I will be there with my film this Spring....

If you have time read this interview with photographer Tod Seelie about his time with the Garden of Bling {pictured below} and the Miss Rockaway Armada- amazing right? The fact that I know people who do things like this makes me thankful to be alive.

Today I have to remind myself that sometimes I should cover my mouth with my hands before I speak to keep words from spilling out like barf. It's true.

I also am reminding myself how much I love my West Coast BFF Andrea Zollo. Once she wrote a song for me called Modern Day Emma Goldman and before I had an "online presence" if you googled my name that would be the only thing that would come up. Zollo Zollo Zollo- I am saying three times out loud for good luck (and to make her headache go away x).

I'm ready Australia.


andrea said...

I love you.

And it did take a little bit of the hurt out of my head.


meet me at mikes - crafty! said...

Hi Faythe.
Australia is ready for you too!
Hurry hurry hurry.
Come over for dinner, when you get here. I'll cook you something lovely!
Congratulations on all your hard work and goodness.
I CAN NOT WAIT to see the FILM!
And I think you did a GREAT JOB on your book. It's ace.
xx Pip