Monday, November 25, 2013

A Tarot Gathering

On October 30th the lovely Heather Wojner owner and curator behind held a small tarot gathering in her Milwaukee home. Not only did she put together an amazing spread with the help of her sister Sarah but she painstakingly crafted ten headdresses for her guests based on Kim Krans tarot deck. Kim herself was in town from California to give each guest a reading while the rest of us drank bubbling witches brew & listened to jams dj'ed by Kim's partner Johnny Ollsin. 

Really a girl can't complain when her friends rule this hard. Thank you Heather, Kim, Johnny & Sarah for making such a beautiful evening. And ladies (Jess, Cortney, Lauren, Ashley, Ella, MJ, Hannah, Traci & Gia) DAMN did you bring it with your loveliness. 

Fun side note: Last year I did the art direction for director Sam Macon on a video for Kim & Johnny's music project Family band. Watch it here.