Friday, November 28, 2008

Black is Black

I couldn't really be more tired. Stayed out too late on turkey day, got up waaaay too early today to set up for Art vs. Craft. I'm as ready as can be for tamale after a few major minor disasters - deep, deep breath.

A last minute email check tonight during a fish fry dinner in West Allis brought me a sweet surprise.Photograper Darren Hauck (who took my picture for the September HOME article) forwarded me this NY Times article that ran today with mention of Handmade Nation, me & a link to my other blog--- as well as a photo of my shop Paper Boat. Pretty hyped about that.

Black Friday, Buy Nothing or Make Something

I really hope you can make it to the show tomorrow. Goodnight.

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>>>paper muncher<<< said...

Count me in for Make Something Day.