Monday, November 10, 2008

orange juice island///tomorrow is 11:11

My dreams have been so vivid lately. I woke up this morning to crisp memories of being on an island, a northwest type island, not tropical. I was getting ready to hitchhike to go meet someone. There was a small restaurant near the ferry depot and I was waiting in line to get some fresh orange juice. They had all these varieties of oranges to pick from. Something made me start crying. Disappointed I had displayed such emotion, in my head I reminded myself to keep it together. What did I have to cry about anyhow? I should know how lucky I am.
I woke up and immediately went to go get fresh juice remembering the morals of dreamland.

My family went to Catalina Island every summer when I was a kid.
It's where I first saw a flying fish.

Today Cortney and I go to Chicago for a book signing at Quimby's, one of my favorite book stores in the world.

11:11<--------------------- For tomorrow you may want to keep this project in mind that was passed to me via Kelly Lynn Jones...... 11:11 - One Minute wish: The enigma of catching our actions aligning for one minute

Host: All of us
Type: a special event
Network: Global

Time and Place
Date: Tuesday, November 11
Time: 11:11-11:12 am and then again at 11:11 pm - 11:12 pm
Location: everywhere

(For people in the Bay Area please meet at Dolores Park near the tennis courts, to collectively make our wishes, and document this event through photographs and writing. )

We will be making a wish list, preserving all wishes made, to be published in the future.

When? Tuesday, November 11 @ 11:11 am and again at 11:11 pm

Why? This November 11, at 11:11 am/pm people everywhere are invited to come together in Dolores Park in San Francisco for one full minute of silence to collectively make our own wishes. The alignment of numbers and synchronicity of people coming together for a common mission can remind us that together we can realize the true affect that positive thinking can have.

People who are not in San Francisco are also encouraged to take a moment at 11:11 to make your wish, and email it for later inclusion in a future publication.

If you want to join in please invite your friends too. Anyone is welcome to participate.

Email address:

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