Thursday, November 6, 2008

revitalization of sprit

Today is a gray whateves day.

I would like to curl up and read the biography of Gabrielle Bonheur also know as "Coco" Chanel. Totally random book for me to spend time with but she is one of those mystery people who lied about her upbringing and paid off siblings to not exist. She built the Chanel empire of out nothing and becoming a totally powerful women of her time having timeless influence.

This morning I had one of those foggy memories that seems like you saw it in a movie or something. I was thinking about how I once sufi danced in the high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains as the sun came up. I know I was there.

Last night in my dreams I saw the northern lights over a large body of water while standing in the street with a tall man. I could tell people were waiting for me. I have never been privy to seeing northern lights and I will make a mecca before I am gone to witness the best. Mesmerizing beauty.

Sam Macon
took some totally bonkers shots of the Obama rally in Grant park.
View his flickr set HERE.
Two things that I like very much:

The work of Maya Hayuk

Old Sesame Street & Raga combined in one amazing clip

The reality of this rainy day is I have massive amounts of emails to answer.
Starting now.

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