Sunday, November 16, 2008

greatness comes to those who take it

At the airport. Here I am on my way back home for 2 days, then off to Atlanta for 5. Crabby as heck. I hate flying a overnight flight- but there was no way around it. AND, why oh why can't there be something healthy to eat at the airport, I'm in California for f's sake. Maybe a spinach salad, a sushi roll? Is that so much for a lady to ask for? Really the feeling I own right now is hangry- one of my favs from Sarah's vocab meaning a combo of hungry and angry. I settled on a grimy $9 burger. Breath.

Baby Sharky
Evan's alley

Went to the Jill Bliss & Salee Oh opening at Tinlark Gallery on Saturday night. It was fantastic and I ended up buying a Jill Bliss mobile made of drift wood, feathers and her printed fabric. One of a handful of birthday presents I decided to get myself on this trip. It's perfect since I don't have to find wall space for it. These lovely leaves took up a 1/4 off the room.
Jill Bliss & Salee Oh

This was the view from the balcony today at Felt Club. I picked up a pair of earrings and a necklace- both beautiful pieces that will get a lot of wear over the next season. The earrings were definitely influenced by the fact that Evan and I watched Mongol on Friday. I was mesmerized by the costumes in that movie, they are divine. I would like to dress like a Mongolian woman in the 1200's
Felt Club: November 2008

Oh- the reason I am flying home tonight is so I can be home for this talk tomorrow. Nothing like getting in at 9am, opening the shop at 12 and then speaking for an hour later that evening. It's how I roll.
Monday November 17th

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