Monday, November 24, 2008

the beautiful truth (for zollo)

Saturday I drove from Atlanta to Madison GA for some programing in association with Handmade Nation. On the way back I made a pit stop in Athens since I had never been. I got to visit this amazing ceramics studio. Took all these great photos but they are currently lost somewhere between my camera and computer. So annoying. However, this one was captured on my phone as I drove into Madison. Holy shit.
On my drive back I made catch up calls. Spoke with Kristen who is land-sitting for some hippy deep in a forest on an island in Hawaii. Me driving my crappy rental, in the dark, on a rural highway in Georgia- her sitting sitting on a couch in the middle of the jungle, under a lean-to while the tropical rain fell. She said everything was damp there. I think I'm going to go visit once she gets a house. Then I talked with Seyta who had just gone mushroom hunting in Hood Canal. She told me that Nick Cave's assistant just got his suit that she had fitted him in his hotel room a month or so ago. That is a whole other amazing story. Gina told me that she got herself a tattoo for her birthday. It is of the leg lamp from the Christmas story. It takes up the entire side of her calf. By that time I was back in Atlanta.

Later on, after a dinner of fancy pizza with Lloyd, we met up with his friends. This one guy just got back from a solo trip to Ethiopia, he had good stories to tell. Makes me want to pack my bag. Drank too much and had a very difficult time with the airport and plane on Sunday. Glad to be home in the snow. Wish I had a better car.
Last night at black bird Annie brought me the softest muted blue scarf made out of alpaca wool that she knit me for my birthday. Made my day.

P.S. Saturday I was quoted (well, let's say paraphrased) in the LA Times. I also spied my spread in the new issue of Readymade Magazine, full page photo and all.

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