Monday, June 21, 2010

Sky High: zine + Alyssa Schulte show

My mom's visit last week came and went quickly & I still haven't unpacked from Scotland. BUT, I did finally upload the work from Alyssa Schulte's art show along with some images from the zine I made with the summer schedule of events at Sky High.

Sky High: gallery opening
I am so excited about the new gallery space! Alyssa's show is tucked back in that small room on the left.

Sky High: summer 2010 zine
(check out this Wisconsin stamp that Amy O'Neill made for me on the fly!)

Sky High: summer 2010 zine
The zine has the schedule & random photos I took. Here is Ira Coyne painting the door at the shop from the inside looking out.

Keep in mind that Alyssa's show will be in the gallery through July 19th and her amazing mural she painted will be up through August.
Sky High presents Alyssa Schulte

"Wild Hearts" by Alyssa Schulte
"Wild Hearts" by Alyssa Schulte

Sky High: temporary mural project
Temporary Mural Project, (detail) located on South Howell Ave, Milwaukee WI

Check out the blog post from Alyssa about the process of the mural. I love a process post.


berrylies said...

These photos look great! Thanks for posting. I actually need to get over to see the mural in person. Too many skate rats were crowding it (er...for my tastes. i'm bad in crowds) when the show was going on.


stephanie renee said...

so excited you opened a new gallery here in milwaukee, i can't wait to check out alyssa's work!