Tuesday, June 1, 2010

--->New Movie//New Gallery<----


You may know already (well, I hope you do) but I'm making a new feature length documentary with my friend Sam Macon about Sign Painters. Yes, exactly what you are thinking, people who did and do still hand letter signs, window, cars, etc. There is a blog, flickr and twitter if you want to dive on into that project. I think it's really juicy if your interested in people who do rad shit that looks good.

I'm also opening up a new gallery (soon to be pop-up boutique) in all my spare time. Basically my dude owns this amazing skate board shop called Sky High just two short blocks down from where my old business Paper Boat (that I ran with Kim Kisiolek) used to be. And, like how all important decisions are made, one night we decided to turn the stock room/office into my space for showing art work and come fall there will be a mini-boutique back there for all your good stuff buying needs. It's a little more complicated then that but you get the gist. It's called Sky High just like the skate shop.

So this very Saturday you can come eat some BBQ, skate board in the street and check out the new gallery and temporary mural project that is all kicking off what is going to be the best summer of our lives. June 5th, 2-6 in Bay View 2501 South Howell Ave. (that's Milwaukee!)

Today for the first time in years I spent 3+ hours at Kinko's doing old school cut and paste style posters out of a font my friend Rebecca Rose Tanner designed. I had to leave cause I was loosing my mind and will go back tomorrow to blow up the masters into posters and print the limited edition zines we will give away on Saturday (no fear, we will be selling some super cheep online too). Feeling good about making....

Working on posters for the gallery opening

Here are a few photos of my two new endeavors crossing paths, we flew our friend Ira Coyne who is a sign painter based out of Olympia, WA out to give Sky High a face lift with a new double sided sign (that will hopefully be hanging up by Saturday) & lettering on the front and back door. It's rad. He's rad. Sky High is rad. Sign painters in general are beyond rad. The End. Back to work....

Back door lettered by Ira Coyne

Ira <span class=

Ira <span class=
Ira Coyne in action


Janelle said...

So sad I will miss the opening. I like you. Have fun, ok?

sweetie pie press said...

i don't believe for a moment that you have spare time. i would love to be at your opening. please pretend i am there and not sitting, soaking wet in a brooklyn park.