Tuesday, June 8, 2010

many hours later, still awake but in...DUNDEE!

I am here in Scotland with one wicked case of jet lag. After a quick 6 hour flight from Newerk I spent a few hours at the Dundee Contemporary Arts listening to the gallery talk with Melissa from Chicks on Speed. I then wandered around the city center for a bit, found a grocery store and picked up some fixins for hotel sammies & morning yogurt (I do this to save money but also so I don't go wild eating out since I'm on the road so much). I'm gonna try to catch a bit of sleep before my workshop & screening tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to a week of meeting new people and exploring. Some photos are up here.

Snack before the Chicks On Speed gallery talk at Dundee Contemporary Arts
Soup & egg on toast snack at DCA

Melissa (on left) giving her gallery talk at DCA

Dundee, Scotland
Dundee streets

Apex hotel, grey day.
Inside the Apex hotel, rainy grey outside in Dundee

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moosh said...

Welcome to Scotland! You got the typical weather, I'm afraid :)