Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good Things: food & art

One of my favorite things about being home is getting to make my own lunch. You may not realize it but traveling all the time is exhausting and finding truly healthy food is much harder than it should be. Today I'm having tuna salad with greens from nationally recognized Sweet Water Organics (located just down the street from us) and a cold curried garbanzo bean cabbage salad I whipped up last night. YUM.


Also there is only 4 days until the art sale fundraiser for the gulf hosted by Meighan from My Love For You begins. I am drooling over a few of the previews Meighan posted already. Sales like this stress me out because you never know if you are going to get the piece first.....

To explain clearly about the sale, from the desk of Meighan herself:

Julianna Swaney.

My Love for You and 87 artists (at last count) and print shops have joined together to donate their work to help raise money for The Gulf Restoration Network. Original artwork, limited edition prints and more will be available for purchase on Monday, June 28th at 12 pm PST (3 pm EST) through the ML4U Big Cartel Shop. 100% of the proceeds will go to help support The Gulf Restoration Network's efforts. Many of the items are free shipping to boot! The Shop will be open for one week. This is a great opportunity to acquire amazing art, while helping a just cause.

Those involved:

Alex Lukas, Alex McLeod, Alexis Amann, Allison Sommers, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, Andrea Daquino, Amanda Michelle Smith, Amy Casey, Amy Sol, Amy Ruppel, Andrea D’Aquino, Annie Koelle, Ashley Anna Brown, Ashley Lande, Audrey Erickson, Ben Venom, Bill Dunlap, Breanne Trammell, Casey Jex Smith, Catherine Campbell, Catherine Ryan,Chad Chesko, Chris Koelle, Chris Piascik, Christian Rex Van Minnen, Corey Corcoran, Crystal Morey, Dan Gluibizzi, Danna Ray, David Galletly, Derek Weisberg, Dolan Geiman, Ehren Reed, Elbow-Toe, Elisabeth Timpone, Emily Barletta, Esther Pearl Watson, Hannah Stouffer, Happy Owl Glassworks, Hilary Pecis, Irana Douer, Jason Brammer, Jenny Hart, Jennifer Renninger, Jesse Draxler, Jessica Cannon, Jill Bliss, John Casey, Josie Morway, Julianna Swaney, Justin B. Nelson, Justin Richel, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Kate Miss, Kenn Goodall, Kevin Earl Taylor, Know Hope, Kyle Ranson, Lane Collins, Lena Wolff, Lindsey Carr, Lisa Congdon, Lisa Hanawalt, Lisa Romero, Little Paper Planes, Lizzy Stewart, Luke Ramsey , Mark Todd, Martha Rich, Mary Kate McDevitt, Melinda Josie, Michael McConnell, Mike Maxwell, Mon Petit Fantome, Other, Porous Walker, Raul Gonzalez, Remi Thornton, Roll and Tumble Press, Shannon Rankin, Stacey Rozich, Sub-Studio Design Store, Tara Lisa Foley, Tristram Lansdowne, WAFA, Wendy McNaughton, Will Bryant.

Here is the first post about the fundraiser with a small peek at what's in store.

I'll be posting more every day this week. (Meighan will, not me).

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