Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scotland: part two

Well I'm back on my side of the pond. It took a 7 hour flight from Edinburgh to Newark with a flippin' 5 hour layover until my 2 hour flight back to Milwaukee. I was a full on zombie upon arrival on Monday night. My last few days in Scotland were magic, all the trip photos are here. I will just say that one week is never enough while traveling in another country but one day in a city like Edinburgh is almost torture. Thanks to everyone who came to the workshops & screenings. It was so lovely to meet you all. I can't wait until I am able to come back and explore more.


Scotland countryside by train
Train from Dundee ---> Aberdeen for my screening & workshop

I lead this workshop
Workshop at Peacock Visual Arts

Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen
The print studios at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen

Aberdeen corner bar I drank at
Drank with the locals at Fittie Bar before catching my train to Edinburgh


Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh
Woke up & walked about 15 minutes to Dovecot Studios to meet with Amanda Game of Innovative Craft who houses their office there. It was amazing and I recommend reading up on the space which used to be a Victorian Bathhouse & new employs master weavers.

Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh
Stairwell Weave-In, a site specific installation by Shane Waltener at Dovecot

Victoria Street was THE BEST
Victoria Street in Edinburgh

Red Door Gallery, Edinburgh
On Victoria St. I found the Red Door Gallery that sells work by Scottish & UK independent designers & picked up some goodies to take home

The BEST thing I've seen in a long time
Demijohn is my favorite thing I've stumbled across in a long long time. A self proclaimed "Liquid Deli" (how cool is that?!) filled with hand made British liquors, wines, spirits, whisky, oils and vinegars that they pour at your request into Italian glass vessels. Don't miss this spot, and you can order online, but going there is so cool.

Demijohn: a liquid deli
I brought back 4 100ml bottles of amazing liquor including a spiced rum for Aaron and a organic elderflower vodka for me. There are more photos of Demijohn on my flickr.

Lismore Rugby
Walking around Edinburgh

who doesn't want a Sizzlin' Breakie?
My bff Sarah says Breakie, this is for her x

Hollyrood Park, City of Edinburgh
Ended my trip with a solo evening walk in Hollyrood Park

SO, now that I'm home for over a month straight I am ready to focus on the new gallery, get ready for Art vs. Craft and just kick it summer style in Milwaukee. So excited. Before any of that happens my mom is coming from Seattle via train & will be here tomorrow. Good times.

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Faythe! These photos are incredible! Amazing Adventures!
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