Tuesday, June 22, 2010

David Byrne

"A song is not better because it has more chords, and it certainly isn’t better because I labored over it longer — odds are, that extra labor might mean it’s simply overworked." -David Byrne

David Byrne has influenced me throughout my life. He is just one of those iconic artists that does amazing work, but I don't really follow him much (I don't really "follow" many people much). Once my band Wooden Robot was invited to play in the lobby of the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee before his show. Between sets saw him ride by on his fold up bicycle. Once I saw him play a show in Seattle wearing a full suit made of hot pink fun fur that his wife reportedly designed. Many times I have danced to his songs and I have even quoted his lyrics in articles I have wrote.

Yesterday it was not that big of a surprise when I saw a post on facebook from Lacey Jane Roberts about David Byrne's blog post discussing his option on craft, art and creating. Since so much of my work has come to revolve around this subject, I was glad to see he is on my team. Read it here.

Thanks Lacy Jane for posting that. Thanks David Byrne for keeping it real.

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