Monday, June 7, 2010

Great weekend!! Now, on to Scotland!

Like a lot of my life this weekend was a quick awesome blur. We got everything "done" just in time for the party at Sky High. There was an amazing turnout and the agreed upon overall vibe was awesome. There was skateboarding galore, BBQ for all & a ton of peeps came out to check out Alyssa Schulte's show & mural. I just uploaded some photos here (Michael Sidel uploaded some great shots of the gallery here) but am planning on adding Alyssa's art show images later this week.

Sky High: installing Alyssa Schulte's mural
The boys helping Aaron hang the first installment of the Temporary Mural Project right before the party started!

Sky High: block party//gallery opening
Dustin taking care of lunch

Sky High: block party//gallery opening
The gas company has left this gap in front of the store for over a month, peeps were hyped to do tricks over it-- Alyssa's mural is in the background. We still have to prime that wood, but at least it was hanging up in time!

Sky High: temporary mural project
Bottom half of Alyssa's mural

Today I'm off to Scotland for a week where I'm doing two screenings of Handmade Nation.

Scotland bound!

June 9th at Dundee Contemporary Arts & June 12th in Abderdeen at Peacock Visual Arts Centre for Contemporary Art. I get to hang out with my friends Chicks on Speed who also happen to be doing programing in Dundee at the same time. I have a few "off days" so I am looking forward to exploring a bit while there too. EXCITED!

I'll try to upload trip photos as I go, but not sure what the internet situation will be. Hope you all have a great week!


kri said...

Best Day Ever! So nice to finally meet you. Gallery looks beautiful. Congrats! Love Alyssa's work ... and the whole concept of the 'Temporary Mural Project'. I think that is some of the most fun my son has had in his short little 5 years. Looking forward to the next one. See you soon. xo

sweetie pie press said...

oh, faythe. the gallery looks amazing.