Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting Ready // Bali Bound!

This past week was spent working on getting the pop-up boutique ready for the October 15th opening. With the help of my intern Sara I unpacked all the boxes of work we will be selling. It was like Christmas getting to see what I had be collecting over the past 6 months to sell. Ceramics, books, stationary, calendars, beautiful jewelry and obscure art objects- a full list coming soon, but the bottom line is it is going to be rad. This is the logo that I choose to be printed on all bags, postcards, etc. commissioned from my crochet lady.

Sky High Gallery

In totally unrelated news, starting yesterday, I am taking a two week "vacation" leave. Tonight, from Los Angeles (where I am now), I am flying to meet up with my dad in Bali. BALI! I will be spending 18 hours in route to Denpasar (via a lay over in Taipei) where I am being met by a driver who is taking me to Ubud where my dad is teaching astrology classes for the third year. He is treating me to this amazing experience and I know I am going to need to go back. The only thing I can maybe relate it to is the time I spent in India, but that was over five years ago now, which feels like another life. Ubud is famous for its artist community (as is the entire island of Bali) so I know my mind is going to be blow with the craftsmanship of work I am going to witness.

Totally insane. I can't wait to just be walking around everyday exploring & taking photos. I'll be updating the blog from there so keep an eye out and wish me luck with that insane flight.

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