Saturday, September 25, 2010

24 hour "layover" in Los Angeles

Here I am in Bali. I've been here 4 full days, 2 of them were spent without power in the village our hotel is in. For my own sanity's sake of keeping track of my life (a large reason I have this blog) I always prefer to blog things in order of occurrence. So, keeping that in mind I had a 24 hour "layover" in Los Angeles on my way here to break up my insanely long flight (from Los Angeles to Taipei it was 13 hours, then another 5 to Bali). While in LA I crammed in a bunch of hangout time with a few of my LA fav's, I even managed to do a studio visit with my lady Gia Bahm designer behind the line Unearthen. It was something like no sleep for the wicked, except I think it's a revised better version of that.

Evan's compound in Los Angeles
Waving goodbye to the sun from Evan's compound

Gia & Jody at Evan's house in Los Angeles
Gia & Jody inside the cozy tiny compound at Evan Murphy's
(p.s. those are his amazing work in progress paintings in the back ground)

Los Angeles layover on my way to Bali
On our way to a house party we all went to a opening at Actual Size Gallery. Music in the middle of the street + far too many people to even see the projection inside the tiny space. But the music set up outside looked great.

Studio visit with Gia Bahm creator of Unearthen
The next morning Gia took me to her new (to me) studio. This is where Unearthen happens. I wanted to check out the space and see photos of her soon-to-be released new line of rings.

Studio visit with Unearthen

Studio visit with Unearthen
She also hooked me up with some quarts crystals from her back-stock for a project I am working on for an upcoming event in Milwaukee called HoverCraft. Super excited, I am actually MAKING stuff (more on that later). It has been a long time.

Studio visit with Unearthen

Studio visit with Unearthen

Studio visit with Unearthen

Gia's space was nothing but amazing and I wouldn't of expected less. I suggest you keep an eye out for her new line that I will be available through her showroom Opening Ceremony fairly soon. Like everything Gia makes they are magically beautiful with the finest attention to detail that easily set's her work a part from others.

Thank you Evan, Gia & Jason for the best 24 hour layover I've ever had. And, now I get to move onto magical Bali-land.

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