Tuesday, January 13, 2009

just two martinies & a single cocktail later::

Some things I can't forget from the past few hours before I slumber .....

Sunlan lighting next to a bar we went to that specializes only in light bulbs

After a much too late dinner outside Tiga where we ate a meal of delicious couscous, veggies and pulled chicken, there were three lovely people singing out of the Sacred Harp. It was so random and unexpected and their voices were as raw and dreamy as dreamy could be. Obvs this picture doesn't do anything any justice but it will at least remind me of what I heard. Wished that my phone had video to capture it a bit more for reals....

Somehow tonight twin flames came into discussion at the table, this link couldn't be more embarrassing but explains the out there concept- anyways, after a quick text to Andrea who is familiar with the topic, she sent me her favorite twin flames image that she seemed to have on hand. Wow.
And, my oldest friend from forever ago Seyta, my hostess here in Portland not only has the most amazing custom hats from a local milliner as well as the most beautiful classy shoe collection but shared with me the most incredible perfume ((I am more interested in the story then the scent)) called Josephine she got at the Perfume House which is right around the corner from her home, that has an amazingly romantic story ".......Le Vanquer Napoleon and Josephine. Before his coronation in 1804, Napoleon approached master perfumer Francois Rance and commissioned him to make two scents, one for himself and one for Josephine. The perfumes were designed so that if Napoleon and Josephine were in the same room, her scent would dominate, but if the two came together, the two perfumes would merge to create a whole new unique fragrance. Napoleon made a rule for the perfume to not be released for 200 years after the coronation."

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