Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'd love to have a word with you.....

I think this trip may have already romanced me into wanting to move overseas. Even though I have traveled so much, I think this trip, and the timing, may have opened new idea trap doors in my mind. Who knows I suppose. I've been at the theater all day doing AV checks and watching people arrive for the program. There is a band from Paris, artists from London, the ladies from Chicks on Speed from Germany and Barcelona and the photographer Wolf from Vienna. It is really amazing to get to be a part of this event and meet all new folks who are doing incredible work. AND to my relief my film plays properly, which was a in the back of my head concern until the AV check today. Countdown two hours until the program starts. I'm glad I feel well rested after my xanax induced exhausted jet lagged sleep last night.

It's time for a German beer and if you are interested read this article passed along to me via artist Orly Cogan (who I get to do a studio visit with in NY, I can't wait), is pretty interesting.

No photos, how boring.

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Michaela said...

Wow, I can't believe you're already on the other side of the world. It was great seeing you in Craft Land 2009 at CHA. See you when you get back stateside.XO, Michaela