Thursday, January 15, 2009

i want to melt into it

Kathleen, my dear friend from high school, came to my book signing in Bellevue. She brought me a gift that is so very amazing and special. Wrapped up all fancy in a box was a celluloid ring made by a man by the name of Bob Dodd. I haven't taken a good photo of my ring yet but it has 1977 on the face of it. I love it and want to eat it.

"Robert Dodd lives in Illinois and has been handcrafting celluloid rings since 1937 — that's over 70 years! These incredible, light-weight pieces are painstakingly assembled from 20-150 separate pieces of rare antique celluloid (the material was popular in the 1870s) with no molds and no glue. Heat is used to shape the plastic and acetone bonds bits together. Robert's rings are on display in the National Plastics Center & Museum in Massachusetts."
More information and images here.

My Bob Dodd ring made me think of candy from papa bubble which is divine. It is highly recommended to visit one of their boutiques if you are in Barcelona, NY, Tokyo or Amsterdam. After going there I had many daydreams about custom candy I wanted to commission.
Papa Bubble

If you are in one of those cities you should pick up one of these first.

Nothing like a bottle of wine imported from your dad's favorite winery out West to keep you warm on a below zero night home in Milwuakee.

" ... when someone blushes, doesn't that mean "yes"? "

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