Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gingko press:: Hamburg

It's so weird how things pan out. Sitting on the table next to me is a copy of "Made For Skate" published by Gingko Press, 2008.

I had no idea that Gingko was based out of San Francisco and Hamburg. Alex, one of the ladies in Chicks On Speed that is responsible for bringing me here to Hamburg got connected with Mo the owner (?) through a mutual friend. Mo offered up the corporate apartment which is in this amazing building (second photo). I was planning on staying with Nadine and Melissa where we had dinner tonight, however, there was extra room here so here I stay.
Sydney at dinner
Sydney & Noodles

This is where I am staying in Germany!

Stopped into Kampnagel to check out the space, the building is insane and there was this amazing little shanty type community out back with a little dream house I'd like to ship back to Milwaukee.

Time for red wine to help with my exhaustion. The clock on my computer reads 3:31pm and the clock here reads 10:37pm. I have no idea how tired I am or if I am hungry or full or neither.

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