Tuesday, October 21, 2008

sound waves, records and monkeys

When I first moved to Milwaukee almost 8 years ago I was obsessed with taking photos of the neighborhood roof tops. It was so different here then any other area I had lived. Today for some reason I felt compelled to take a few shots of my street, forgetting how Milwaukee my life has become. 
So, I have done a lot of  interviews for radio and podcasts, but when it's for something local like Lake Effect or WMSE it is always much more nerve racking since I know someone I know will hear it. Today it was pretty strange to be sitting having my morning cup of coffee while listening to an interview of myself on the radio. At first I turned the volume down really low because I got nervous, and though my stuffy nose sounded terrible to my ears,  I still wanted to hear what I was saying.  You never really know what words you are barfing out when an interview is going on. Anyhow, it all worked out, I didn't say um and like or "things like that" a 1,000 times or swear which I've been known to do now and again. A BIG thanks to Paul over at Lake Effect for doing the interview which aired this morning on WUWM,  you can listen to it HERE.

Today also marks the release of the new Parts & Labor album "Receivers" (Jagjaguwar) that 
our good friend Joe Wong (who happens to be the assistant editor on Handmade Nation and composed the theme song "Hands On" for the opening animated credits) plays drums on. They recorded the entire album in Milwaukee even though they are based out of Brooklyn. I had the pleasure of recording musical saw with them on the track titled "Mt. Misery". They got a great write-up in the NY Times today HERE. The album is available on CD and LP HERE.

Also got a surprise package from my dear friend Nick who lives and works in NY. Enclosed in the heavy package was this amazing cast iron speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil bank in it that he found for me this summer at a flea market in Cape Cod. Thanks darling. 


Will_Bryant said...

this looks REALLY nice!

I'm going to have to snag that LP. The only track i've heard by them is "Fractured Skies" and it's rad!

lookwhaticando said...

Wow....what a great interview. I am super duper impressed with everything you do. Congratulations!!!!! :) You are truly amazing.

daniel arnold said...

when i was a kid on the bus going to school i'd play this game in my head so much -- so involuntarily -- that i thought i had a problem, where i'd hold my hand or chin up to trace those pointy milwaukee rooftops as we drove, imagining that i was a bmx biker, just flying along this endless highway of sweet jumps.