Thursday, October 23, 2008

<------- My Peeps -------->

Sunny Shokrae & Justin Thomas Kay made this lovely zine that you should pick up HERE.

If you have some dollars to blow on some fancy pants jewelry check out Gia Bahm's line UNEARTHEN.

If you happen to have the same free subscription to Nylon from Urban Outfitters as I do you can see her work on page 73. Otherwise ou can pick up one of her pieces in a number of fine shops listed on her site or support my bff's sister's site

Unearthen Studio
I visited Gia this fall at her studio in NY there are a few more photos HERE.

And I'm sure I've said it before but while I'm mentioning the peeps that do good stuff you should check out Daniel Arnold's blog Born To Be Nervous on a regular basis. Always something lovely to discover like this found image blogged about HERE..... Plus Daniel has a way with words that not everyone has.


sunbunz said...

so many hugs to you.

Unknown said...

my hugs are bigger.