Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Here's to the land you have torn out the heart of!"

I was recently reminded of one of my favorite movies ever Time of the Gypsies. Filmed in Romania and full of all the best types confusing beauty imaginable. I couldn't find a bigger image but this river scene is straight out of dreamland........
Get the soundtrack and loose yourself in it.
If you like it, Black Cat White Cat is also tops.

Something else you should look at is the work of Denmark based photographer and travler Jacob Holt .At some point or another I got a hold of his book American Pictures. It is so good. You can actually read it online on his site, but I think it's better in print.

"I had arrived in one plantation home with my wig on, but as the hostess had increasingly fallen in love with me, one night I surprised the dinner party by suddenly displaying all my hair. The hostess burst out "I know you are a communist, but I like you anyway."

(Jacob Holt photos pulled from his site)

AND....Tomorrow, go to this show

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