Monday, October 27, 2008

Orange Flavor Dust

It was the first really chilly night out in Milwaukee last night. We saw some snow on Michigan Street where we shot from 6pm-2am. I just ran around and took stills while Doritos were exploded out of cannons and SWAT cops chased chip stealing burglars. Here are some goodies from last night the rest (there are a lot) are HERE. Director Sam Macon & crew will be entering in the CRASH THE SUPER BOWL CONTEST with the footage.....









I made Annie take a photo of me since like most weddings it's like I'm never there since I'm the one behind the camera.

Director: Sam Macon
Producer: Jonah Mueller
Producer: Timm Gable
Producer: Adam Loeb
Producer: Ryan Dembroski
AD: Ryan Dembroski
2nd AD: Timm Gable

Camera Dept
Grant Cheney
Travis Auchair
Ben Krutzik
Dave Kiehl

Art Dept
Wardrobe: Annie Simeone
Wardrobe #2: Rob Schoonover
Cannons: Travis Huss

Sound: Sean Egan
Still Photographer: Faythe Levine
SWAT Consultant: Officer Kent Schoonover
PA's: Matt Batta, Ashley Donaldson, MAx Donahue, Jame Saleska

Officer's: Josh Shindell, Mike Golzer, Andy Silverman, Brent Gohde
Detectives: Pete Capp, Andy Menchal, James
Robbers: Jim Neumeyer, Bob Purvis, Nathan Lilley
SWAT: Ed Horzuski, Andrew Williamson

Thanks to the Swinging Door for being open and getting us drunk.

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