Friday, October 31, 2008

Hallowed End

8 years ago, maybe it was 6, I was in this town called Xoxocotlán outside of Oaxaca in Mexico for Day of the Dead with Matt Himes. We got dropped of in the middle of the city center, nothing was open and no one was around. All the sudden a grip of kids appeared and I asked to take their picture. One of my all time fav's.......

Besides finishing up some promo work for Art vs. Craft today, I am refining my cave girl costume for tonight's festivities. We'll see if my elaborate plans pan out, most likely things will be much more simple than imagined. I am on my way out to get bones and tooth black make-up. I did find some sweet cave girl images while looking for source material though as well as this video which left me totally confused after it really kicked in.

A must see movie to add to your seasonal list to watch is NEAR DARK.
A fantastic 1980's proper vampire love story.

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sarahelizabeth said...

we took down the craftivism show and i got one of the palm trees!! all that hard work for the cozies--i owe you one :)