Friday, December 6, 2013

Bread & Puppet: In Danger Is Help

Bread & Puppet has made 50 years of influential work and finally having the opportunity to see the museum where the history is archived was incredibly moving. It was a very very cold day in Vermont. Eilis, her 10 month old son Ned and I all took the hour drive from their farm to go explore the two level barn where years puppets and radical performance props are densely archived. Layers of history and stories are installed throughout the massive barn that is a self-help set up and open to the public. You unlock the doors, turn on the lights and remember to shut everything off when you leave.

Thank you Bread and Puppet for influencing me and so many other artists I love and respect around the world. Thank you for saving your history for generations to come and making it available to the public. If you are ever in Vermont, go here. And explore on the way (I highly recommend stopping at the Museum of Everyday Life!)

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