Wednesday, December 11, 2013

697 Miles: solo road trip

It is 697 miles from Milwaukee, WI to Falkville, AL which I just drove in my recently acquired 1986 Toyota pickup. I made the drive very leisurely due to adverse weather conditions along the way. My route was Wisconsin --> Illinois --> Indiana --> Kentucky --> Tennessee --> Alabama. Basically I drove very short distances and did a lot of stopping along the way, that's the best part about traveling solo is you can do whatever you want when you want. 

Finally I made it to Tune Farm where I will be for the rest of December. I'm here as their first artist-in-resident. The loose plan over the next few weeks will include shooting a ton of photos, making some new art with the supplies I carted down from Milwaukee, exploring Alabama more and potentially playing some music since I brought along my saw.

If I can get the same road luck when I drive back home in January I'll be hyped. I also made a list of things to check out on the way back. Seeing Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is now on the top of my to do list after watching a very long PBS documentary about it's history in my hotel one night while there was a ice storm raging outside.

This is Little Mama + Shotgun the Tune Farm pups greeting me upon arrival.

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