Saturday, December 13, 2008

a sandwich before bed

Sometimes a lady just stays up too late.
Last night was the Comet holiday party. We were all disappointed that someone we did not know won the 48 cases of Pabst in the shape of a Christmas tree, however the entertainment was tops....

This weekend brings visits from two ladies I couldn't love more from my past. Today Cindy is driving down from Madison to check out the show at Paper Boat & have lunch. Tomorrow, Solana rolls in with the Faint, and we actually get to hang out all day before she has to be at the show. Solana is the only person I know who travels more then me. The last time I saw her was in NY and the time before that was in Spain.

Solana was my roommate when I was 18 along with Nick who now owns renowned catering company in NY called Bite. Nick launched a new company this week called Bake Sale, I designed the logo for him. If I can figure out where to have the after party for my NY premier of Handmade Nation Nick has offered to cater it for me. I gotta get on that.

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