Monday, April 9, 2012

Updates + Tom Stack & Beth Eaton

I don't think anyone actually noticed but we took off almost 4 months over at the gallery post-holiday season. I'm trying this new thing in my life which is attempting to not overbook myself. Attempting is the key word here. I knew that finishing up the Sign Painters book manuscript was going to be full on at the beginning of the year and honestly I was just really wiped out after the holiday season. Coordinating Art vs. Craft and doing the pop-up shop at the gallery really wipes a lady out. Then there is always the other work that only seems to appear when things are at their craziest. Any of you who work freelance know that drill.

Tom Stack & Beth Eaton: show prep!

During our down time at the gallery Aaron set up a "rec-room" with a ping-pong table a friend of ours generously donated that pretty much dominated the entire space. We scheduled the first exhibit of 2012 for April 20th, Spring Gallery Night. The opening is of course approaching way faster than I anticipated. A lot of people don't realize the back end of curating/promoting shows involves being way a head of the game; writing press releases, printing show cards and making sure everyone is on schedule. This is why I am book 6-12 months out. It makes living in the moment difficult sometimes.

Another element of our 2012 calendar at the gallery and my ATTEMPT at keeping things simple(r) is our shift to showing more local artists. This is a positive move on many levels but to be honest it was motivated by our budget. Honestly it's a little disappointing not because we don't have a plethora of local talent but because a large part of why I love having a gallery is bringing new work to the area. Getting people to see work they wouldn't otherwise. I feel that experiencing art in person is vital to perpetuating inspiration. We can only absorb so much from the computer screen and since a lot of things skip Milwaukee- bands, art, performances, etc. Sky High Gallery is my place to contribute to that physical interaction. I also hate that money keeps us from doing the things we love [insert fist shaking in air here]. Anyone who has worked with me knows that going over budget is something I am fantastic at. In another attempt to reel in my life and keep the gallery open the decision to work with local artists was made.

Tom Stack & Beth Eaton: show prep!

Tom Stack & Beth Eaton: show prep!

I have to be honest, it was pretty rad to be able to walk 10 minutes to do a studio visit with the upcoming artists in the show. Technically it wasn't a "studio visit" but it seems like the best way to describe my visit with Tom and Beth (at her house where her studio IS located) last week. I've worked with both of them in the past and those of you who live in Milwaukee are most likely familiar with at least one of their works. What's exciting about their show opening this month at Sky High is that they are collaborating. Tom Stack's sharp playful illustrations right onto Beth Eaton's hand built ceramics. One of a kind, hand-painted and made entirely in Milwaukee. There will be over 50 unique pieces of pottery along with 10 new paintings from Stack. It will be great to be back in the gallery game. If you are out for the night swing by for the opening. Otherwise, check out the gallery page for show details.

Tom Stack & Beth Eaton: show prep!

More photos here.

PS. Happen to notice my design overhaul here? Just this morning I painted the new blog header + fancy link buttons for the side bar. Over the weekend, Friday night to be exact, I updated my "about" section adding some more personal information and added my CV. Long over due & very simple. Please shoot me a message if you notice anything off or not linking correctly.


Janelle said...

Excited for the show. And your new blog banner looks great! Do mine for me, ok?

Marisa Seguin said...

I'm bummed that I'll be out of town for Spring Gallery night! Love Beth's work and look forward to seeing this collaboration.

New blog header and buttons look rad, too!

Marisa Seguin said...
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Cortney said...

I love the new look! The banner looks great and I am also super jealous of the hand painted sm links on the side.

Can't wait for the show!!