Monday, April 2, 2012


It's Monday mid-day and I just caught wind of this story that gave me the chills. Instead of paraphrasing the news the following has been lifted from the Pussy Riot website that I highly urge you visit to learn more about this important case. These artists need our support and attention.

"Pussy Riot" is an anonymous Russian Feminist Punk Band formed in October 2011. Through a series of peaceful performances in highly visible places, the band has given voice to basic rights under threat in Russia today, while expressing the values and principles of gender equality, democracy and freedom of expression contained in the Russian constitution and other international instruments, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the CEDAW Convention."

On February 21, 2012 "Pussy Riot", Russian Feminist Punk Band, performs a 'punk-prayer' with chorus "Virgin Mary, Become Feminist / Virgin Mary, Hash Putin Away" at the altar of the Christ the Savior cathedral in Moscow. The 'prayer' lasts for less than a minute after which the band-members are removed from the church by the guards. 

The same day a montaged video of the 'punk-prayer' is uploaded on the Youtube, going viral with over 600.000 views.


Kathleen Hannah recorded this quick video explaining the importance of showing your solidarity and support that I think sums up the vital importance of this story.

twitter: @pussy_riot

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'ulliganen said...

I just made a balaclava to try show some kind of support after reading and hearing about this case. Thank you for the link - now I see there is more happening! /a wooligan from Sweden