Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Snake Cake

I'm off in mere moments to fly to Florence, Alabama. Who knew it would take THREE airplanes to get there. I am really excited to be the visiting artist with the inspiring Alabama Chanin. The only catch about this great opportunity is that I blew it when I booked the trip- departing on April 11th,  my man's 39th birthday. He was super understanding, but also reminded me that if he would of made the same mistake he'd never live it down (which may be half true). I did my best to make it up to him the last two days. Monday night there was a party at Monkey Bar and last night we had an amazing dinner at our favorite local Serbian spot tucked away in our neighborhood Three Brothers.

39 candles
This is what 39 candles on a tiny cake looks like

Snake Cake for Aaron
 If you see Aaron this week wish him a Happy Birthday, no one deserves one more in my book.

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