Thursday, July 8, 2010

Venice Beach 1988 & Woodland Pattern workshop

I lived in Santa Monica in the 80's until my family made the mass exodus along with a lot of other Los Angelesites to the North West in 1989. I went to Walgrove Elementary (what? they have a website?!) for 6 years. At the time my school was surrounded by a giant fence. When I moved to Washington State I couldn't believe that my new school there wasn't fenced in and the playground wasn't just asphalt, there was grass and tree's that went off into wooded areas. Mind blowing to this 11 year old.

Venice Beach 1988

While living in California, my family spent a lot of time at Venice Beach. Seemed like almost every weekend we were there. My dad was a serious roller skater and he knew all the guys including Harry Perry whom some of you may of seen in a smattering of movies filmed using the colorful extras that were already there.

I started thinking about all this when I came across this old photo (above) of me, my cousin Steve and Uncle Hal in 1988. Wish I could read some of that graffiti better....

Anyhow, in a more current state of mind I wanted to tell you all about this this rad 2 day workshop I am teaching titled "Crafting Your Life Through Art & Activism" at the end of the month at Woodland Pattern here in Milwaukee. As I am starting to get ready for it I am getting really excited & I would love to have a full class. We are going to do all sorts of things like take photos, make a scrap book, embroider neighborhood flags and discuss art, craft and activism. If you have questions feel free to contact me or Woodland Pattern.

Call: 414-263-5001 to register

Saturday, July 31 & Sunday, August 1, 9am-5pm
Premium Workshop: $200
Ten participants minimum. Please bring friends!
Deadline for sign-up is Friday, July 23

Creating art that reflects and affects your community is often challenging. You have to observe your neighborhood within your community, and have a desire to celebrate and/or change it through creativity. In this premium weekend workshop, one of four Woodland Pattern will be offering in 2010, participants will work with local artist, filmmaker, curator and author Faythe Levine to craft a life through art and activism.

Participants will study, watch and discuss Levine's book and documentary Handmade Nation, as well as learn, implement, and share embroidery techniques. Participants will also explore the history of zine (self published magazines) culture. Throughout the weekend, discussion will surround how art and activism can play a tandem role in life, and participants will create their own neighborhood flags and zines.

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Justine L said...

love this! Funny, I spent a lot of time in Venice when I was in graduate school at UCLA ... and still have an ex-boyfriend out there who is a musician. If you're ever out there, you should go to the Cinema bar to hear them. ;)