Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hung by their Buster Browns?

The thing that bothers me the most about this situation is the way our 8th district Alderman Bob Donovan speaks down about things he is obviously uneducated about. In my option he owes True Skool & the mural artists a public apology.

If you are interested in emailing our future Milwaukee mayor candidate Bob Donovan you can: rdonov@milwaukee.gov

When I emailed him I sent some examples of cities that have mural programs that have made positive influences on neighborhoods.

"As far as I'm concerned, these jokers ought to be hung by their Buster Browns by the nearest light pole for the damage that they are causing to this community"
- Bob Donovan, 8th district Alderman

"Why is this school not teaching these kids skills that can actually help them in life? If they are artistic, teach them graphic design and advertising."
- Patty Doherty, Legislative Aide Alderman Donovan [reprinted in the comment of the A.V. article]

More news links on the mural issue here, here & here.


Anonymous said...

that's really disturbing. he won't even stop yelling long enough to listen. i can't believe they had permission and still got in trouble. sounds like the building owner doesn't have any conviction if they said it's ok to paint it but at the sign of controversy decided to paint over it. the sad thing is these kids worked hard and now their art is covered over. i think this experience will have a long term effect on them.

MKE Mujer said...

I am truly sickened by the fact that an elected official can get away with this racist, sadistic rhetoric. Thanks for spreading the word Faythe!

FlavorDav said...

Collected (albeit not always calm and/or cool) correspondence @ ...