Friday, July 16, 2010


Dr. Evermor's Forevertron. It's epic. It's beautiful. It's magic.


Dr. <span class=
The man himself behind the work.

I've been going to the Forevertron since 2000. I first heard about it when I lived in Minneapolis from old members the Black Label Bike Club and finally made my way there on one of my first trips down visiting Milwaukee before I lived here.

Since, I think I've made the trip down HWY 12 over a half dozen times. But, this past visit with Aaron was extra special, we sat and talked with Dr. Evermor himself for about an hour. He's always been around in the past but I was either too shy to go up and talk with him or he was swarmed with visitors.

Bird Band and Orchestra
Bird Band Orchestra (you can play all these sculptures!)

Dr. <span class=
Dr. Evermor's time travel medallion he let me hold

Lady Levine at the <span class=
Aaron took this summer vacay shot of me

I suggest going there before changes are made, they are in the works. Talk to Dr. Evermor and he may tell you things that you never expected to hear.

On another note, I just counted and I've been in Wisconsin for 39 days straight. That is a record in the past 2.5 years. I have 3 more weeks until I get in an airplane again.

It feels good to have my feet on the ground for so long.

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