Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the world continues to shrink around me

In July 2008 I did a studio visit with friend and artist Monica Canilao in Oakland. I was lucky enough to photograph her wearing all these headdresses she was making for an upcoming show at Space 1026.
A few months later Monica cc'ed me an email from an artist named Mike Maxwell who saw the above photograph on and requested to use it as source material. At the time I was knee deep in Handmade Nation production and said "of course" without thinking much of it. Some time after I got an email from Mike sharing the final painting he had done. At the time, I don't think I really had time to digest how awesome this was on many levels. More often than not, people do not ask permission to use your photographs as source material. I have no idea what the protocol is on this, but asking is always appreciated in my book.

From bed this morning, where I often first check my email, I was so very pleased read an update from my favorite art blog My Love For You and see that familiar image of Monica, the very painting by Mike Maxwell. I loved seeing it in context of his other portrait work. Today, I actually had the time to appreciate the fact that he had asked not only Monica but me permission to use the image. THEN to have it featured on Meighan's blog was even better. Ah world, you synchronicity will never cease to amaze me.


Janelle said...

You are lucky to be in touch with so many creative people. I have a secret crush on Monica; her amazing art, and her pretty face. You want to know what's really syncronistic? We both used the word "syncronicity" on our blogs this week! ;)

Bobby Texas said...

And Avatar is still in theaters.