Thursday, February 18, 2010

San Francisco PART 2:: Gravel & Gold + Osborn/Woods poster show

I first heard about Gravel & Gold from my friend Ira Coyne who was doing an artist visit this past fall pin striping cars//bikes//or whatever you hearts desire right out front of the shop. Their website drew me in and I knew I was going to love the space once I got a chance to visit. And guess what, I did. Two of the three owners were there when I showed up totally unannounced asking to take pictures, Cassie McGettigan and Nile Nash. I didn't get to meet Lisa Foti-Straus but imagine she is just as lovely and kind as the other girls.

ALERT ALERT ALERT!! If you live in the San Francisco area you should GO to the OSBORN/WOODS poster show opening this Friday February 12th 6-9. On exhibit will be 19 framed original prints from the 1960s as well as original postcards that are in stock until supplies last (only $8 a piece, see images below). I am so bummed I can't go, Charles Woods will event be in attendance!

Litho in U.S.A.
Seas and Ocean Series 3 D
Copyright 1963 The Poster Makers
Nevada City, California

For over fifty years, David Osborn and Charles Woods have been an artistic force in Nevada City, CA. They landed in the old mining town in 1957 after meeting as graduate students at UC Berkeley and went on to run a design and print shop, found the American Victorian Museum, and begin broadcasting the community radio station KVMR. Their bright, enthusiastic lithographs are reminiscent of Sister Corita Kent and the best of 1960s design. Gravel & Gold has assembled 19 original prints from the Seasonal, Ocean, Natural Guide, Travel, and Apocalypse series.

Gravel & Gold
1 of 3, proprietress Cassie McGettigan

Gravel & Gold

Gravel & Gold

Gravel & Gold
Osborn & Woods original postcards

Gravel & Gold

Gravel & Gold

Gravel & Gold
Nile (above) & Cassie showed me some of the Osborn & Woods prints they have on hand including "THE CARIBBEAN SEA" pictured here.

Gravel & Gold

Gravel & Gold

Gravel & Gold
green forests falling
into dark blue water

deep bays

palm trees
that sound like waves

a ship loading cane

buried treasure

a white hot sun


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