Wednesday, February 17, 2010

San Francisco PART 1:: Randoms

I flew into San Francisco last week Thursday morning and left by early Saturday. I somehow crammed in an insane amount of stuff into a very short amount of time. I'm not gonna lie, I always get a little jealous of what is going on in SF, there is such good people & things happening there. I took A LOT of photos on this trip so I'm going to break my posts down into parts to keep shit organized.

Also, check out the blog for my new documentary I am working on with Sam Macon about Sign Painters. There is a bunch of photos from a studio visit I did with Jeff Canham the first day I was out there. His work is amazing....
Studio visit with Jeff Canham

Starting with the random photos and moving onto people & places in the next few posts:


Sweet Sugar


Brunch at Boogaloo with Lisa Congdon
Brunch with my hostess with the mostess Lisa Congdon

Wilfredo in the flesh
Lisa's pup Wilfredo

Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch mural in the bathroom of Rare Device
Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch mural in the bathroom of Rare Device

Near the ocean

Maya Hayuk at Gallery 16
Maya Hayuk at Gallery 16

San Francisco

San Francisco


{More soon}


sweetie pie press said...

doesn't it feel like it should be possible to live everywhere all at once?

Faythe Levine said...

i suppose that's where the internet comes in. oh, and our addiction to moving around & travel.