Friday, January 22, 2010

Places that once were

I went here a few times when I first moved to Milwaukee. I even applied for a job here once. I have an affinity for working at crappy diners. You get to meet the most interesting people that way. I can't remember why I didn't get (or was it take) that job. I may of had fresh memories of working at the Blue Bird diner in New Orleans where I made about $4.00 an hour since all my regulars tipped me quarters. The Acapulco was a diner, but they also served terrible, like slimy gross terrible, Mexican food. This seemed unnecessary considering they were surrounded by all the best Mexican restaurants in the city, why not just stick to burgers and fries? I think they may of been 24 hours, or at least open very late.

I bet there is some good stuff inside that building. Maybe someone has made it a home in the last few years since it's been boarded up. I like to imagine it's filled with Milwaukee treasures that sadly will most likely just get flattened and taken to the dump. I'm thankful I went there, even if the food did suck, however, wish I would of shot some photos of the interior. I think it was teal and orange, but that I may be making that part up

Later days Acapulco Restaurant see you in heaven.

{National Ave}

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