Sunday, January 24, 2010

I could of been dreaming

I got to visit this business, in this fantastic tucked away warehouse, that will forever go down in places I can't believe still exist, or ever did exist. I am tip-toeing around how to quite explain this treasure. The likely hood of a wave of people rushing here and ruining it is slim, right? I mean, if Deb Dormody wouldn't of told me then I wouldn't of gotten to experience it, so share it is.

Once inside, the building went on forever. Then the nice lady tells you there is a downstairs, and that went on further then forever. All stacked with boxes upon boxes of boxes of little treasure. Some new, some old, some beyond explaining. Somehow the staff remained friendly and helpful and had some amazing ability to know where things were.

From the Wolf E. Myrow website: "the premier close out dealer for stones, findings, beads and accessories for the jewelry and fashion trade. We are a wholesale supplier to costume jewelry manufacturers, designers, artists, bead stores and crafters, flea market vendors and resellers."
NOTE: Don't let the site fool you, it's nothing compared to the actual spot

So, I don't know, these photos don't really explain what is hidden here. I'll stay vague and those of you who are attracted to this sort of thing will just get it.

Wolf E. Myrow

Wolf E. Myrow

Wolf E. Myrow

Wolf E. Myrow

Wolf E. Myrow

Wolf E. Myrow

{photo set here}


Janelle said...

I have to go there. I'll research the area and make it a family vacation, and never tell Matthew that this place was the only reason I wanted to go.

Faythe Levine said...

Janelle, you will die. It is truly one of the best places I've ever been. I need to go back with an entire day and more money. Money is key, it's not cheep, but an investment in amazing things to make amazing things with.

Jenine Bressner said...

It is the world's largest wholesale jewelry parts distributor-- over 80,000 square feet!
My newer studio is above this place (the basement runs underneath our building.) I had been going there for 2 years before I realized there were 2 other floors I had been missing. That's why I love showing people around.
It's not expensive for what you get, it's just that it's a wholesale business so they have minimum purchase requirements. It's not hard to go there with a friend or two and spend $50.