Sunday, February 8, 2009

So this happened.....

Thursday was the US premiere of my first film Handmade Nation in Milwaukee. 700 people came out to support the project. I haven't really processed that yet and am just recovered in time to fly to NY this week.
US premiere of Handmade Nation

Last night I had some old friends in town for the night. We cooked a giant meal and just chilled out. As I was sitting in bed drawing before I fell asleep I happen to notice next to my bed two books side by side both titled "The Happy Hooker". Glad I took a picture because I'm sure that realization would of been lost to slumberland......Such fantastic randomness.
The Happy Hooker x2

The Happy Hooker #1 is by Xaviera Hollander, a really great auto-biography about her career as a prostitute.

The Happy Hooker #2 is by Debbie Stoller, a crochet how-to book

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