Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where Oh Where Do You GO?

I just spent the past 3+ hours updating the gallery site & can't bear to sit here any longer. But there is so much to share about events I've seen in Milwaukee, my trip to New York last week where we shot 5 days straight with amazing talented people for the Sign Painter Movie, got stuck in a hurricane that didn't really happen and of course upcoming events here at home in Milwaukee. Right now the most important thing is you should really come to the Catherine Ryan opening next Friday. It's going to be great, I'm such a huge fan of her work & can't wait to see it all in person.

Catherine Ryan: instruction
Catherine Ryan, "Instruction" gouache and charcoal on paper

If your interested take a moment to read my post about the opening party for Catherine at Sky High Gallery. She will be in town for the party along with Becky Johnson of Sweetie Pie Press & Reverend Aitor from Toronto. It's gonna be the jam. If your really interested in what's going on at Sky High check out today's posts about the de-installation of Monica Canilao's crazy show and our new Temporary Mural at the shop by Vanessa Andrew.

More soon. Someone email me a time machine, an assistant or perhaps a helper monkey.

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