Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Weekend To Check Off The List.

I've worked with San Francisco based artist Catherine Ryan in some capacity since 2006, or at least that's what we decided when we finally met this past week here in Milwaukee. We sold her work at my old shop Paper Boat and also did a gallery show with her there in 2008. It was long over due for a face to face meet up and having a show at Sky High Gallery proved to be the perfect opportunity.

Catherine Ryan: The Exhilarated
Catherine Ryan: The Exhilarated

Friday's opening of her solo show The Things They Do was super fun. We teamed up with Cortney's on-line project Printshop Forever to present her next edition with Becky Johnson of Sweetie Pie Press who not surprisingly happens to be an old friend of mine (fun fact: Becky has a cameo in Handmade Nation, one of the only non-American makers to sneak in). Cortney along with Becky and her man Aitor (in town from Toronto heading to Renegade Chicago) set up tents in the back of the shop for Friday's event. Aitor drew some amazing Unflattering Portraits and Becky launched her new project, Awards For Nothing through Printshop Forever.

Aitor drawing Unflattering Portraits

Aitor drawing Unflattering Portraits

Cortney hanging the Awards For Nothing

Printshop Forever presenst Sweetie Pie Press

Friday Art Opening @ Sky High

Catherine's show is stunning and I can't decide which of the 15 pieces I want to keep for life. If your interested in checking them out I suggest you get into the gallery while they are up through October 15th or you can see them all over on the gallery site.

Aaron & I followed up the gallery opening with joining our close friends Chris & Rachel at their beautiful wedding. In an attempt to not be only photographed at events while holding a camera or phone (this seems to be a trend) I only snapped very few photos from the day & let Tia do all the picture taking. It was also the perfect event to wear my new Shakuhachi dress from Bonadrag, it was a hit. I feel very thankful I was able to be there and celebrate their marriage with a group of amazing friends. Made me feel really really happy to be in Milwaukee surrounded by such great people.

Faythe + Aaron

This week I'm taking some time off before I dive into a really intense shoot schedule with Sign Painters and we head to North Carolina to visit our mountain tribe . I took about a million photos on my visit there two years ago- 60 acres of land and a community of hand-built homes. I can't wait to see the progress on the buildings that were just started then & to catch up with people I rarely get to see.

Under construction: Shari's house
Fall 2009

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