Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thurman Fionn: 12 years today

I met Thurman Fionn O'Herlihy when I moved to Milwaukee in 2001, he was 2 years old. Thurman is the first son of Micaela O'Herlihy. Nephew to Eilis O'Herlihy. Grandson to Danny O'Herlihy. He has the bloodline running through him of a vast family of thinkers, artists, makers and performers.

Micaela paints Thurman
Portrait of Thurman by Micaela. I'm guessing this was painted between 2006-2008. It hangs in California with Thurman's grandmother Patricia.

Today Thurman turns 12. Here are some photos of him over the years to celebrate his life. I don't know what I would do without their family in my life- the lack of inspiration would be crippling.

Thurman turns 3, 2002
Thurman's 3rd Birthday party

Thurman turns 3, 2002
Thurman's 3rd Birthday party

Backyard Thurman, 2004?

Thurman & Micaela + Andale go west
Micaela strapped everything to the roof of the car & then went west for a bit.

Pouty summer Thurman

Thurman & Micaela with Santa,  2004?
Micaela's Christmas present one year. I only have this saved since is was her artist photo from her bio in 2004-05, from an art show she did with me at Flying Fish Gallery.

Thurman & Micaela at his Birthday party in 2008?
Thurman's Birthday party in Milwaukee at Nicholas & Laura's house. I have not a clue what year this is from.

Thurman's solo exhibit at the Green Gallery, July 2008

October 2009 at the Long Arm Farm

In March 2010 we met up with the O'Herlihy clan in California

Summer 2010 at his Aunt Eilis's wedding in Montana

Hey Thurman, I love you and know amazing things are in your future. I can't wait.

xo Faythe

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