Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Dinner

Aaron and I are at O'Hare waiting to board our 22 hour flight to Bali. Just yesterday we took Amtrak from Milwaukee to Chicago to meet up with one of my oldest friends Nick. He was in from New York for his Birthday dinner that we were lucky enough to join in on. I can't quite sum up the experience of the meal at Alinea. We have a food hangover to say the least.

Happiest of Birthdays Nick dear.

Birthday Boy

My tie face men

Tie Face Aaron (& Faythe)

Tie Face Nick

The grand finale.

Dessert at Alinea

Bali bound.....


bigib said...

Oh wow... the foods are on the table? No plates? Are you in Bali?

Faythe Levine said...

Just dessert was served on the table, no plates! This dinner was in Chicago, we are on our way to Bali.