Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: Goodbye's & Hello's

In 2010 I opened a new gallery, held another Art vs. Craft, participated in my first craft fair as a designer in over 4 years. Took over 7,000 photos. Started blogging my weekly column "Snaps" for the Journal Sentinal. Turned 33.

I think I may of traveled as much as I did in 2009, maybe even more, but that is debatable. Based on my photos I made a list of places I went away to from Milwaukee.

  • January: Providence RI , Portland ME, Belfast ME
  • February: San Francisco CA, Baltimore MD
  • March: Syracuse NY, Los Angeles CA, San Luis Obispo CA, Olympia & Seattle WA
  • April: San Francisco CA, Kauai HI
  • May: Atlanta & Savannah GA, Birmingham AL
  • June: Dundee, Scotland
  • July: All Wisconsin
  • August: Winnona, MN, Olympia & Seattle WA, Middle of Nowhere MT, Syracuse NY
  • September: Los Angeles CA, Bali Indonesia
  • October: Bali & Java Indonesia
  • November: Pittsburgh PA, Stockholm Sweden
  • December: Cincinnati OH

January: in Belfast Main visiting Andy, Dan, Amy Moon and their new son Oali.

February: San Francisco

March: Gum Alley, San Luis Obispo

April: Kauai to visit my lady Kristen

May: Alabama to see glow worms

June: Sky High Gallery opened

July: I spent the entire month in Wisconsin

August: We slept on our friends house boat, Mississippi River

September: Bali with my dad

October: Halloween is my favorite holiday

November: I turned 33 one day after getting back from Sweden

December: HoverCraft where I sold things I made, not things other people made.

Now, it's 2011. In 13 days I got to Mexico. In 25 days I go to Alaska. Looking forward to another year of working & playing really really hard.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how much you manage to cram into a year!
Just wanted to add Atlanta to your list:
Happy New Year!

F L L said...

How could I forget HOT-LANTA!! Fixed.

I love visiting you guys there. x

CassieMarie said...

Congrats on such a wonderful year! I hope the new year brings all and more that last year did for you. :)

Esti said...

you are like a rock band on tour! I sure hope you make it to Spain sometime soon.

mle jean said...

Yay! I found you. I saw your film when you toured through Phoenix the year before last.

I am teaching diy workshops to kids that have been effected by SB1070, who only speak Spanish. Is there a way I can find your film or even just clips from it that are in Spanish or have subtitles?

Thanks, I love what you are doing!!!!