Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Prayer Flags

I picked out these 5 prayer flags to sell at the pop-up boutique (open until December 31) this season based on their visual appeal and underlying message. All flags are on unbleached muslin and measure 19" x 19", the top edge is finished, and the other three edges are unfinished in order to release the prayer. Pretty nice present (or gift wrap) for someone I thought....

At Sky High Galley: Vast Luck Flag
Vast Luck Flag: The Vajra Cross, symbolizing spiritual power, surrounded by auspicious Tibetan symbols. Brings luck and protection. Available in green.

At Sky High Galley: Kernunnos Flag
Kernunnos Flag: Kernunnos, is he Horned God, Celtic father of animals, Patron God of Druidism. Kernunnos is representative of the male aspect of union with the Earth. Available in dark green

At Sky High Galley: Rain Cloud Flag
Rain Cloud Flag: Native American cloud design celebrating the nourishment of the earth. Available in navy blue.

At Sky High Galley: Lama Seal Flag
Lama Seal Flag: Alchemical symbol representing the union of Sun and Moon over the river of life. Available in green.

At Sky High Galley: Green Man Flag
Green Man Flag: The foliate face represents irrepressible life, as the forces of nature merge with humanity. Available in green.

The flags are sold individually for $6 each or 4 for $20.

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Wow I LOVE these.